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Evo Energy

Electricity power consumption & cost calculator for smart devices.

Sleek & simple to use app by just enter a few information of appliance to estimate the power consumption and cost for running each aplpliances. Save all of your appliances to the list and summarise the approximate cost you have to pay for the bill.

Ever wonder how much you have to spend for electricity cost for each appliance per month?

Easy to calculate the electricity consumption cost for every single of appliances.
The list
Record the appliance to the list you wonโ€™t have to re-enter to calculate the cost again
The Summary
All appliances in the list will be calculated and summarised on screen by Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly.

Easy to calculate
Requires on enter only a few values with instant calculation result.
The list
Summarising over all of power consumption of all of your saved appliances.

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We value your feedeback. For bug report, suggestions, comments or business enquiries, please drop us an email.

* We can develop custom applications including OEM to fit your specifications. : +(669)-9289-5522 [iMessage/LINE]*

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